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If your looking for an original or restored Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster like your Mom, Grandmother, or Aunt Tillie might have had way back when you were a kid, you have come to the right place.

I have all late 1940's to mid 1960's Mixmaster's, all rebuilt serviced, and are all in like new original or restored condition.

Take a look and enjoy the trip back in time to when appliances were built to last.


1951 Model 10 A1

Here's real clean, 1951 original Modle 10 Sunbeam Mixmaster with the optional juicer pictured.

It's been serviced, runs & operates perfect.
Purrs like a kitten.

$215.00 for the mixer , bowls & beater's.
If you want the juicer the price is $250.00 plus shipping.

A real nice machine.


1956 Sunbeam Mixmaster 11-C

Here's a perfect example of a 1956 Sunbeam Mixmaster model 11-C in top of the line Chrome finish.

It runs as good as it looks--perfect.

You have a choice in bowls.
You can have either the large & small bowl in clear glass, or in stainless steel--your choice.

All of the mixer's also come with the original Sunbeam owner's manuals / cook books as pictured.

$265.00 plus shipping.


1955 Sunbeam Green Model 11

Here is a restored & serviced optional green 1955 Model 11.

It comes with both bowls.
The large & pictured small.

It's perfect in every respect, and functions as good, if not better than new.

$250.00 plus shipping.


1959 Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12 White Standard

Here's a 1959 standard white Sunbeam Mixmaster.
It's all Original ,it's serviced & operating perfect on all 12 speeds.
It comes with both bowls, beater's & the factory owner's manual.

It's as clean as a whistle.

$215.00 plus shipping.


1960 Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12 in Pink

Here's a real nice , restored, optional pink 1960 Model 12 Sunbeam Mixmaster.

It has been serviced, tested, and runs like a swiss watch.

It comes with two pink bowls, & beater's, and the factory owner's manual.

$250.00 plus shipping


Sunbeam MIxmaster Original Replacement Bowls

I have original Sunbeam Mixmaster white bowls, pink bowls, yellow bowls, green bowls, clear bowls, & stainless bowls, all for earlier vintage Mixmaster's.

They are all perfect, no defects, and excellent replacements for the bowl you just dropped off of the counter and smashed.

$50.00 a pair for all of the colored & clear bowls
$40,00 a pair for the white, $45.00 a pair for the stainless.

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