Standard White Sunbeam Mixmaster J Hand Mixer

Here's an original standard white Sunbeam Model J Hand Mixer.

It's been opened up, cleaned, serviced, and operates perfect.

A real neat kitchen vintage appliance.

$45.00 plus shipping.


Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior in Optional Turquoise

What a neat hand mixer.
It's all original, been serviced, and operates perfect, and looks like new.

You don't see a Model J Sunbeam Hand Mixer in Turquoise very often.

$65.00 plus shipping.


Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior "Pretty In Pink"

Here's a real nice example of a pretty odd Mixmaster Junior.
It's been serviced, and runs perfect.
Comes with both mixer blades--

There isn't a nick or scratch on the housing.
It's nice.



Sunbeam Mixmaster Model J in Chrome

Here's a Mixmaster Junior in Chrome.

It's original, been serviced, and operates perfect.
Not a blemish on it.

$65.00 plus shipping.



The Guarantee

All of the mixer motor's are guaranteed for one year, no questions asked.

Remove the mixer from the stand, ship it back, & I'll repair what's wrong free , excluding the shipping cost's.

The only thing I don't cover is abuse, no periodic lubrication as recommended, or any damage that might have occured.
Dropping it off the counter to the floor can be hazardous to the mixer's health, and operation.

I also offer a rebuilding service if you already have a Mixmaster, and it needs some attention.

Send it to me, I'll e-mail you with what's wrong with it, and the cost to do the work, and you can decide what you want to do.

There is a $25.00 tear down & inpection charge.

If you decide to have the repairs done, the inspection fee will be applied towards the rebuild cost.

These older Sunbeam Mixmaster's are infinitatly rebuildable, and they do take a liken' and keep on ticken' with a little owner / user suggested lubrication to the motor bearings once in awhile.

No disposable plastic parts in these fine, tough mixer's,

I do custom restortations too.
You might have a worn out machine and want it to look & operate as new, this is the right place to get that all done.

Have a white mixer and want it in pink, yellow or green?
No problem.

I refinish the mixer's in Dupont Acrylic Enamel, with Dupont Urethane Clear Coat--two stage refinishing durability.

I also have plenty of parts available for the Miixmaster's, if you plan on doing the work yourself.

Feel Free To Ask--Inquire-drop me an E-Mail.

If you don't see what your looking for ask--
I may have not posted what you want --yet---

Payment options include;
Cash, Check, Money Order, & Master Card, Discover or Visa Card for any purchase over $100.00

Ordering is easy.
Drop me a line, tell me what you want, give me your shipping information, and I'll e-mail you the shipped cost


My contact information is ;

Terry Kay
621 Larkdale Ln.
Mt.Prospect Il. 60056


Or e-mail me at;

I've had a lot of folks ask this question;

"Hey, you mixer's are a lot more than the one's over at E-Bay. How come?"

This answer is simple.
The folks selling the Sunbeam mixer's over at E-Bay don't have a clue what they are selling, simply because they don't know where they came from, who owned / used them, and are "off'ing" a kitchen appliance they picked up at an estate auction, garage sale,, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army for a buck or two.
They are into making a big profit, don't really care if it runs for a day, week, month or year.
If your looking for a deal, and don't care how long it functions, this is the place to buy a mixer.

I have serviced, repaired, and replaced a lot of machines for folks who have gotten bitten by the "Good Deal" bug over at E-Bay.

By the time the buying, shipping, packaging it back up, shpping it to me, getting it repaired so it runs as new, and shipping it back, they have spent more than they would have just purchased a remanufactured / rebuilt / or restored machine in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and ask the person your buying it from at E-Bay how long his / her Motor guarantee is good for.
When the last time the mixer was serviced.

This should give you a good idea of what you are really buying, and what kind of good deal your going to get.

The Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster's have been often imitated, but never duplicated.

What a great kitchen appliance.

Thanks for taking a Look at the Sunbeam Mixmaster Web Page.


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